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Baby Dance Steps

Never too young to dance to the beat!

While securely wrapped in their baby carrier, baby's move along with mommy in this fitness class. This class offers a great workout, socializing with other new moms, and introducing your child to upbeat music and movement. Classes are appropriate for babies 6-8 weeks of age and up. Mom's participating must have clearance from their doctors.

This is fun fitness class for mommies wearing their babies in baby carrier. Ideal for babies 2-12 months


FALL 2020 SESSIONS Dates - Postponed until Spring 2021



Pop with Tot

A Toddler Party from Start to Finish!

This exciting dance class is for toddlers (14 months - 3 years) who are ready to dance along with their parent. Popular songs will be used to get the little ones dancing and singing along - parents may even break a sweat too. There are along noisy props used to get the Tots using their imagination

FALL 2020 SESSION Dates - Postponed until Spring 2021


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