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Ms. Kristina

Kristina Spiteri

B.A.T.D., B.Ed, B.A

Kristina began her dance career at the age of 5, studying ballet, and soon added the disciplines of jazz, acrobatics, lyrical-contemporary and musical theatre to her repertoire. She successfully competed and performed in various festivals, competitions and shows, winning numerous awards and scholarships. She was also hired for various performances including Breakfast Television and a series of store openings in Yorkville.

At the age of 14, Kristina studied dance in the Arts York Program, and learned from elite dance professionals such as Annie Wood and Frank Augustine. Her membership in the company Dance Access, as well as classes at the National Ballet School and various intensive workshops, inspired Kristina to continue to pursue her love for dance and teaching through her university studies in Waterloo and Toronto.

Kristina has completed her B.A.T.D. examinations, and has been teaching dance for the last 10 years. She is currently an elementary school teacher, who specializes in dance and drama programming for her students. Kristina is thrilled to be a part of the iDance team, and to have the opportunity to share her love and passion for dance.

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